Saturday, August 5, 2017

I know I know great another blog ranting and raving about food. Well my apologies to anyone who dosent want to read about the fuel I'm putting into my digestive system just keep scrolling. The purpose of this is for me. I'd be delighted if I gained followers and people enjoyed reading my ramblings but this is for me. I'm 25 with ulcerative colitis 2 kids amazing girl friend and I just had my spine fused just above my tailbone. I need something for me.
       So why am I starting this? Well I'm currently sitting in the yard of a business that is celebrating their 50th anniversary. And they have a food truck catering. And I've decided here I'll ramble about my musings on the food and grub I consume while out and about in West Michigan. I won't be commenting on chains or huge venues imgoing to keep it to the bone. The little guys the people that still care about food. So here we go. Let's chat food.